I am fascinated by scenes we are most familiar with, the icons of our daily life. The people, places and objects in my paintings speak volumes about our culture. I strive to show the ordinary and extraordinary things of life in a new light.

My working process starts by assembling photographs, or photographing my subjects numerous times from different angles, usually combining several photos for my final painting. I enjoy looking intently at my subject matter, striving for the correct perspective, attitude, or tiny reflection that will bring it to life. Then I throw away the photograph and concentrate on the painting itself.

My watercolor paintings are busy, crowded works, revealing very few smooth washes. I prefer to paint fast and loose, letting blossoms and imperfections add to the energy of the painting. I focus on the entire surface of the painting Рwith background, foreground and middle-ground often fused into one. This over-all approach may derive in part from my studies in textile design, where attention is given to the entire pattern rather than a single focal point.  I also enjoy mixing colors on the paper and using brush strokes to give my work rhythm and energy.

I am a signature member of the Utah Watercolor Society, and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies.