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Watercolor Paintings | Ordinary Scenes Made Extraordinary
Wet on wet landscape painting

5″x7″ watercolor on cold press paper. I painted this landscape totally wet-on-wet, which is the approach that I totally love.

#76 Misty Autumn Landscape

Floral Abstract

Occasionally I see abstract paintings on Pinterest that I admire and want to try their approach. I have lost the name of the artist who inspired this little painting. If I find it, I will give him/her credit. It was fun to paint, but not…

#75 Floral Abstract

For this odalisque I concentrated on flat shapes.

5″x7″ painting on cold press paper. For the second “odalisque” painting I divided large shapes into smaller more interesting shapes. I flattened the shapes and outlined them with black. Again, this idea came from Palette Magazine. I’m happier with this painting than my first attempt.

#73 Cubist Odalisque #2

My first attempt at Cubism

5″x7″ watercolor on cold pressed paper. For this series of paintings, I found a traditional “odalisque” (often painted by Matisse, Picasso, etc.) and redrew her using only straight lines. I tried to shift value in each shape, following instructions from Palette Magazine. My painting retained…

#72 Cubist Odalisque

Piano Man study for larger painting

5″x7″ watercolor on cold pressed paper. This is a study for a 22″x30″ painting. I’m glad I took this step, as it helped me recognize the strengths and flaws in my original plan. I’ll add another figure for the large painting.

New Directions #71 Another Piano Man

View of Salt Lake City

5″x7″ watercolor on cold pressed paper. I was happy with how I captured the mountains above Salt Lake City. The buildings – not so much. I don’t enjoy painting architecture, especially on a painting this small.

#70 View of Salt Lake City

Yellow Asters

I’m trying to loosen up my flowers but I still have a long way to go until I’ll be satisfied. This is my latest 5″x7″ attempt.

#69 Yellow Asters

Flying Cat - just for fun

5″ x 7″ watercolor on cold press paper. I did this painting just for fun, from a photo I saw on the internet (my apologies to the photographer). It became a birthday card for my daughter.

#68 Flying Cat

Sunset behind the City County Building in Salt Lake City

5″x7″ watercolor on cold pressed paper. For this little painting I wanted to concentrate on the dark architecture against a bright western sunset. If I painted this larger, I would tone down the sky quite a bit. This painting seems clumsy to me. Oh well….

New Directions #67 City County Bldg.

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